Dear My 7Generation:)

This is for my Precious 7:)

Dear Friends,
We shared smiles..
We laughed together..
We wiped the tears..
And through the years..
Our friendship has grown along with us..
You all are truly.......

A Wonderful part of my life.

I don't need words to express..
I don't need tears to shed..
I don't need to ask for a smile..
Or hand to hold me...
All I need is to be your friend, FOREVER!

You're the ray of sunshine
In a world that's sometimes grey
The magic of your company
Will brighten up the day

You've guided me through bad times
Wiped away my tears,
And brought so much joy
As we've travelled through the years.

Dear My 7 Generation, you all are fun to be with- with you all I enjoy each and every moment because you make them all so colorful and happy-
Thank you for being my friends:)

once more....
I Really ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my 7 generation!! ☺

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